Pastry Appreciation Night

One of the main reasons for the existence of the Molfetta Heritage Club is to preserve fading traditions.  As the younger generation moves further from home and becomes more Americanized there is less opportunity to eat frittelle during Christmas, hear la nònne yell in dialect and cover the arve d’fàiche after summer.

Food is probably the thing we miss the most.  Especially the items taken for granted when we were younger.  Every Easter my grandmother would make her traditional glazed jelly cake and every year I would pass them up for a store-bought giant Easter bunny made of chocolate.  These jelly cakes, better known as scarcédde, are an Easter staple for Molfettesi all around the world.

Goehrigs Bakery

In order to recapture the flavors of Easter’s past; members of the Molfetta Heritage Club celebrated Pastry Appreciation Night on March 26, 2011 as a way to share the delights of the Lenten Season.  Not only was there an abundance of scarcédde but also a grand offering of zeppoles in honor of Saint Joseph’s Day, which is a feast day celebrated on March 19th by all Italian Americans.

Pastry Appreciation Night featured discussions about old 8-track recordings of Le Marce Funebri, solemn music greatly missed by Molfettesi immigrants when away from the homeland during Easter, and whether or not those silvery orbs on top of the scarcédde were edible or not.

Goehrigs Bakery - Jersey City Heights, NJ

A special thanks goes out to Goehrig’s Bakery of Jersey City Heights, which supplied delicious zeppoles and an amazing assortment of cupcakes for the members of the Molfetta Heritage Club to enjoy.  Goehrigs Bakery owned and operated by Joseph Gigante, a certified master baker of Molfettesi heritage and a graduate of Johnson & Wales University.  Goehrig’s Bakery specializes in wedding cakes, traditional Italian pastries, breads, and cookies.  Thank You Goehrigs Bakery!

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One Response to Pastry Appreciation Night

  1. Polish Girl says:

    Thanks to all who participated and organized. It was a great night!

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